Living photo

Are you looking for an easy, cheap and quick solution to captivate your prospects or clients? Try the Living photo!

How does it work?

You would send me the photograph containing your product, discount promo illustration, your brand photo
or anything else you want to present.

I will bring your photo to live. Movement can be added to selected parts of the photo. Captivating element can be added
like fog, smoke, confetti, storms, stars etc. I can add (animated) totles, logo or other graphical objects.

By the Living photo you grab attention, increase the click/sales rate. People will more easily remember your brand,
products or whatever you want to communicate.

The final photograph will be delivered either in the GIF format in the requested quality (depeneding on the placement)
and the full quality MP4. You can embed the Living photo to your webpage, directly to the newsletter (e-mail)
or place on any social media network.

Want to see an example?

See the Living photo below. Find another examples down this page.

Original photo

Pražírna Barmeo IN.jpg

Living photo

Pražírna Barmeo.gif

What elements can enliven the photo?

      • movement can be applied to selected parts of the photo (see coffe beans above)
      • confetti, hearts, bubbles, flying tree leaves, petals, rings, stars, comets, ...
      • moving objects like baloons, butterflies, Christmas decorations, donuts, rainbow, ...
      • reflections, beams, fireworks, sparks, explosions, fire, flashes, ...
        • fog, steam, rain, snow, smoke, snowflakes, ...
        • the sky on the image can be replaced by dramatic skies (day or night) with dynamically flowing clouds

The image can be altered by text, your logo, basic graphical objects (square, triangle etc.), or any graphics
(in PNG format with transparent background) from the imported media file.

Pricing and delivery time

The prices start from 75€ (+VAT 21%) depending on the effects added. I will prepare the pricing proposal after specifying the details of your request. The delivery time is 1-3 workdays.

Living photo gallery

Watch another examples of the Living photos and their possibilities!

Original photo

Bushman přivítej jaroIN.png

Living photo

Bushman přivítej jaro.gif

Original photo

Espresso Barmeo IN 480x480.jpg

Living photo

Espresso Barmeo.gif

Original photo

honey IN.jpg

Living photo


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