Video-marketing is the future...

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80% of marketing specialists confirm the direct increase of sales due to videomarketing. Video increases
brand awareness
by 54% (Optinmonster, 2019). The same source states that it icreases the qualified leads by 66%.
And 93% of responders confirm to get new customers due to the video advertisement on social media networks.

...and the future is here

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Other revelations from marketing surveys

1. Video content is being watched more often. 85% of internet users watch videos on the regular basis.
People between 25-34 years age watch videos the most often, men by 40% more then women.
The time spent watching videos on mobiles phones increases rapidly.

2. Video does not serve anymore just the entertainment. It is a strong tool to build brands. The HubSpot, 2018 study showed
that 54% of consumers expect more video content from brands they are supporting and from which they are buying.

3. The Wyzowl, 2019 survey revealed that 87% of marketing professionals use videos as the important part of their marketing
communication. The video strenghtens the brand position and increases customer loyalty.

4. Video is the most preffered type of content on social media networks (Animoto, 2018), be it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
or LinkedIn. 73% of customers confirmed that their decision to buy some type of product or service was directly influenced by the brand's
presence on one of the social media networks.

5. Merketing through video is proffitable and effective. 88% of video marketers are satistied with the ROI of its video marketing strategy
(Animoto, 2018). The same survey shows that 80% of marketers is fully satisfied with the ROI of their video ads on social media networks.

6. Video marketing increases the brand awareness by o 54% (Optinmonster, 2019). The same source reveals that it increases
the qualified leads by 66%. 93% of marketers said they got new customers by the video ads on social media.
Not only the customers have higher confidence in the brand, but through the videos they get educated and get important information
via the visual and interactive form that they prefer.

7. Video marketing plays the important role in customers decision. Wyzowl, 2018 survey says that 8 out of 10 users decided to buy
a software or application due to the influence of the video! The same study shows that 96% of people are looking for videos
to learn the information about the products and services.

8. In 2019 users spent 6 hours 48 minutes a week watching online videos, which is 59% more compared to 2016 (Limelight, 2019).
This trend will continue. People aged 36 or less spend watching videos on internet more than in other media like TV (incl. cable TV), DVD etc.

9. It is predicted that in 2022 the total of 82% of the internet traffic will come from streaming and downloading videos.
Which means the increase by 88% compared to 2017!!!

Where to place the videos

YouTube is the most often used platform for placing the videos. 88% of marketers use YT and plan to continue (Wyzowl, 2020).
The second platform most used for video placement if Facebook (76% of marketers plan to use FB for videos in the future). LinkedIn is relatively
new player in this area (you can put videos on LI only since 2017) with extremely steep increase and is on the third position now,
even leaping over the platforms like Instagram or Twitter. 66% of marketers plan to use LinkedIn for placing videos in 2020 a 2021.

Many types of video content - which one to use?

Depends on what you want to present, where you want to place the video, what is your budget and on other parameters. One of the
very popular and effective type of videro is the explainer, presenting your brand, products or services by the animated story.
Use the Videoteaser or scroll stopper to create eye catching ads with low budget. The same counts for the living Photo, which can
be used not only on web/social media, but also directly in your newsletters. To support your brand, use the logo animation spots.
And for the purpose of education and explaining presenting more information use the educational videos.

Animation is a very effective tool. We all love animated stories. There's probably a memory in our subconscious mind of the animated
fairy tales and cartoons that we loved to watch as children and still love to watch as adults. Animated videos are easier and much cheaper
to produce than the classical ones.


So - go video! If you haven't done so, include (the animated) videos to your marketing strategy. Vibea has a solution now affordable for everyone!

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