80% of marketing specialists confirm the direct increase of sales due to videomarketing. More than 50% of internet users expect more video content from brands which they support or buy from. Video increases brand awareness by 54%. You can deliver information to your prospects or clients in the form that they prefer. Video on social media and internet increases sales, strenghtens the brand and builds trust

Animated Video for Your Business

Vibea Animotion will provide solution for small entrepreneurs with limited budget as well as for large companies and bigger projects.
Pick up from the video products of Vibea that suit to your needs!

  • Explainer videos 
  • Videoteasers
  • Scroll stoppers
  • Living photo
  • Educational videos
  • Logo animations
  • Internal Communication
  • Training Videos
  • Video Ads
  • Intro/outro Videos
  • Animated Music Videos
  • Other...


Watch the videogallery and get inspired!

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Video Production Process

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1. Your needs

Let's put together your needs. What do you aim for? Who is your target group? What do you want to reach? What should be the main message? What is the overal marketing mix?

2. Script

We´ll create and present the creative storyline covering to present your needs, grabs interest and creates positive emotions linked to your brand, product or service.

3. Storyboard

The storyboard is the description and illustration of each single scene. You´ll have a very concrete idea what to expect!

4. Style and Characters

Let´s choose the style and cast the characters. Your heroes together with the animation style will align with the brand and values.

5. Voice and Music

Choose the voice artist! Male? Female? Language? Accent? Dynamic or calm? Or...perhaps no voice at all?

6. Sample Animation

The few seconds of animation sample will confirm that we´re on the right track and everything is settled properly.

7. Video Production

Finally! We´ll create the video and put all components together. You just relax...and look forward!

8. Revisions

Any comments? Revisions? Changes? Let´s finetune the animation to your full satisfaction!

9. Acceptance

After the acceptance, you´ll have a 1 month guarantee to come up with minor changes. For free!

Sound, music and voiceovers

The sound is considered to participate on the success of the movie/video by 50%. If you need your video with the voiceover,
you will get the highest quality voices by professional male and female speakers. 

The royalty free music underlines the emotional part of the video. If appropriate, we´ll also add the sound effects
to highlight the scenes/moments that are specifically important.

Pricing and delivery time

Each explainer video is unique. Therefore, the pricing proposal will be delivered to you after the initial online workshop, understanding
all your needs and agreeing on the main parameters of the planned project. The delivery time for a 1-2 minute video is usualy
around 10-30 workdays from the kickstart of the project.

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