80% of marketing specialists confirm the direct increase of sales due to videomarketing. More than 50% of internet users expect more video content from brands which they support or buy from. Video increases brand awareness by 54%. 

Through video you can deliver information to your prospects or clients in the form that they prefer. Video on social media and internet increases sales, strenghtens the brand and builds trust

Video promotion affordable for everyone

Everyone can now afford the video promotion! I will provide solution for small entrepreneurs with limited budget as well as for large companies and bigger projects. Pick up from the video products of Vibea that suit to your needs!

  • Explainer videos 
  • Videoteasers
  • Scroll stoppers
  • Living photo
  • Educational videos
  • Logo animations

Video products by Vibea

Below you find our products with short description
and the presentation galery. 

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Explainer videos

How about to present your products, services or company/brand
to the prospects and clients by telling the gripping story?

That's where the explainer videos come to the scene. You will
present your products, services or brand by colourful animation.
With engaging story you provide information and create positive emotions, that lead your prospects or clients to the desired action.


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Do you want to promote products and services with
video commercial quickly and at low cost?

Videoteaser is a short and "striking" video promoting your
products, services or brand. Best solution for promotions,
off sales on social networks or in videomarketing
(as animated GIF directly in your e-mails).


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Scroll stopper

Do you want to catch attention of users on social networks?
Well, you have about 3 seconds to succeed.

Scroll stopper is a short video with distinct graphical (as well
as acoustic) element at the very beginning of the spot.
Targeted to social networks such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

The purpose is to stop the user scrolling on social media content
and captivate his/her attention to watch your videospot.


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Living photo

Looking for an easy, fast and cheap solution how to captivate
clients or prospects? Use the Living photo!

Send me any photograph - could be the product photo, illustration
for your sale promotion or a picture illustrating your company
or brand. And I will make it alive by adding movement
or other interesting effects and/or objects.

Meanwhile...take a break and have samothing good...
like the espresso:-)


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Espresso Barmeo.gif

Educational videos

Video is a wonderful tool to educate your prospects, clients
or employees. Use video also to present data or any type
of information to the publics, shareholders, investors
or any other target group.

The frequently used format is a doodle video. The animated hand
the static objects on whiteboard, blackboard or greenboard
to present your ideas and messages. You can also incorporate
the infographics to display data, graphs or similar information.


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Logo animation

Captivate on the first sight! Add motion and story to your logo
and your brand. Logo animation accompanied by captivating jingle
will give it more attractiveness and will dig in people's memory.

You can use animated logo not only on your webpage, but also
in newsletters, at the beginning/end of the webinar, presentation,
spot etc. Your brand will just shine!


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Sound, music and voiceovers

The sound is considered to participate on the success of the movie/video by 50%. If you need your video with the voiceover,
you will get the highest quality voices by professional male and female speakers. 

The royalty free music underlines the emotional part of the video. If appropriate, I will also add the sound effects
to highlight the scenes/moments that are specifically important.

Pricing and delivery time

The prices and delivery times vary depending on the video product you choose. Select from the offer above and see details,
or send me your specific request to get the quotation.

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