About Vibea

Tomáš Brouček, founder, age 53

I started to do the animated videos for the purposes of my previous business (which was the health area). And I found them very effective and functional. People love videos if they are done properly. Video can attract the attention, sell products, support the brand, people love watching them.

Videos were not only bringing business results to my marketing, but I loved the whole process of creating them. Comming from the initial idea through detailing the purpose and aim, developing the storyline and script, to the production of the visuals and audio part compiled together. I quickly improved as I understood what makes a video "the great video" and based on those experiences I developed my own methodology which I use until now.

And my interest went so deep that I decided to start my own videocreation business. Enjoy Vibea!

From my life

Graduated at Charles University on Computers and Programming branch of study. Worked 20+ years in banking, from the IT specialist to the BOD Member of the biggest mortgage bank in the Czech Republik Hypotecční banka, a.s. I was managing many big and interesting projects, built 2 big banking call centers, created the very successful multi-brand mortgages sales model and many others.

After leaving the banking sector in 2010 I started my own busines in the area of health, lifestyle and alternative medicine. I was running 2 brands Detoxy.cz and Dobreoci.cz and developed several unique detox programs used by thousands of clients.