Explainer video

Explainer video presents your company (brand, products or services) using the colourful story-based animation. By telling
the gripping story you deliver your message, create positive emotions and influence directly the client's decision.

Explainer video is created on the base of your strategy, target group, and the message to be delivered. The creative part
begins with understanding your needs. I will then prepare the script showing the audiovisual storyline, which is to be finetuned
with you. We will agree on all details and aspects of the video - should it be with or without the voiceover, what kind of
music background to be added, etc.

The recommended length of the explainer is about 60 sec, in particular cases up to 2,5 minutes.
The lenghtier does not mean the better - always keep in mind that the emotional part is as important
as the explanatory part to influence the viewer's mind and/or decision.

Pricing and delivery

Each explainer video is unique, thus the pricing proposal will be delivered to you after the initial online workshop, understanding
all your needs and agreeing on the main parameters of the planned project. The delivery time for a 1-2 minute video is usualy
around 10-30 workdays from the kickstart of the project.

Do you want your own explainer video?

Contact us via e-mail (tom@vibea.cz), phone or WhatsApp (workdays 9-17 on +420 775 259 574)
or leave the message using the form below. If you don't reach us, we´ll get back to you shortly.

Explainer videogalery

Click the menu button in the top left corner of the video to list through the presentation videos in the gallery.
The small arrow down icon pops up the list of all videos in the gallery.


Video Production Process

filmová klapka Vibea.png

1. Your needs

Let's put together your needs. What do you aim for? Who is your target group? What do you want to reach? What should be the main message? What is the overal marketing mix?

2. Script

We´ll create and present the creative storyline covering to present your needs, grabs interest and creates positive emotions linked to your brand, product or service.

3. Storyboard

The storyboard is the description and illustration of each single scene. You´ll have a very concrete idea what to expect!

4. Style and Characters

Let´s choose the style and cast the characters. Your heroes together with the animation style will align with the brand and values.

5. Voice and Music

Choose the voice artist! Male? Female? Language? Accent? Dynamic or calm? Or...perhaps no voice at all?

6. Sample Animation

The few seconds of animation sample will confirm that we´re on the right track and everything is settled properly.

7. Video Production

Finally! We´ll create the video and put all components together. You just relax...and look forward!

8. Revisions

Any comments? Revisions? Changes? Let´s finetune the animation to your full satisfaction!

9. Acceptance

After the acceptance, you´ll have a 1 month guarantee to come up with minor changes. For free!

Contact us

Contact us via e-mail (tom@vibea.cz), phone or WhatsApp (workdays 9-17 on +420 775 259 574)
or leave the message using the form below. If you don't reach us, we´ll get back to you shortly.

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